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Taney has been producing the finest pre-built straight stairs for over 60 years and using this online form gets your order to us quickly and easily. Contact us with any questions about placing your order.

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  • Consult your Local Building Code to determine Code Compliance requirements.

    Refer to the diagram when measuring:

    1. Head Room - measure ceiling to top of finished floor - minimum of 80 inches.
    2. Well Hole Opening - measure the opening for the stair - header to header.
    3. Height - measure top of finished lower floor to top of finished upper floor in inches.
    4. Total Run - the horizontal distance covered by the entire stairway.
    5. Run - measure face of riser to face of riser - does NOT include nose (rough cut of tread).
    6. Box Width - measure outside of stringer to outside of stringer.
    7. Open Width - measure outside of stringer to outside of stringer (normally 5 1/2" wider [per open side] than box width for standard 4 1/2" finished wall).
    8. Length of Wall, Right Side - on part open stairs.
    9. Length of Wall, Left Side - on part open stairs.

    You may also need to determine:

    • Number of Risers - count the number of risers. For a standard 8-ft. ceiling, the riser count will be either 13 or 14, with the individual rise falling between 7" and 8 1/4". Check your local code.
    • Rise - Individual riser height (from top of tread to top of tread).
    • Nose - the portion of the tread protruding beyond the face of the riser.
    • Brackets - the decorative pieces fastened to the outside of the stringer.
  • Refer to the guide below for measuring

  • QtyHeight (")# of RisersRise (")Run (")Nose (")# Box TreadsBox Width (")# of Open TreadsOpen Width (")Open Side RH LH# of Double Open TreadsDouble Open Width (") 
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